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Hotbin Mini Composter (90897)

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32 times faster than a regular compost bin. Independently tested by Garden Organic and voted Best Composting Making Product in the Great British Growi…

  •  HOTBIN Mini Plinth
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Hotbin Mini Composter (90897)


Hotbin Mini Composter (90897)

  •  HOTBIN Mini Plinth
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32 times faster than a regular compost bin. Independently tested by Garden Organic and voted Best Composting Making Product in the Great British Growing Awards

The HOTBIN Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens and for keen composters who have less waste.

Half the volume of the HOTBIN Mk.2, the HOTBIN Mini is a 100 litre unit which benefits from all of HOTBIN Mk.2 features but on a smaller scale.


HOTBIN composting benefits

  • Reaches 40-60°c for fast and effective composting
  • Recycle all food and garden waste, Composts bones and cooked food waste, pet waste and bedding
  • Produces compost quickly – mulching in 30 days and general purpose compost in 90
  • Compact – the slimline HOTBIN Mini is a better fit for smaller gardens with limited space
  • Requires less waste to maintain hot composting temperatures - 2.5kg or 5 litres of waste per week

HOTBIN Mini features liquid fertiliser collection system. Leachate is naturally created as part of the HOTBIN composting process and can be used as a liquid fertiliser. Both the HOTBIN Mini and Mk.2 are made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) (50mm thick walls) lightweight - 96% air and 100% recyclable, weatherproof.

What’s Included: 100L HOTBIN, User Guide, Lid Thermometer, 1 Cam Strap, Kick Start Bottle, Internal Thermometer, Raking Stick, 25L Bag of Bulking Agent (partially composted wood chip) Size: 115 x 45 x 45cm

What do I need to add?

You will need a minimum quantity of 2.5 Kgs of waste per week to maintain hot composting. (2.5 Kgs is 5 litres, one small kitchen caddy the average for one /two people per week.) Add in shredded paper or card to control moisture (a good way to get rid of your recycled paper) and bulking agent (partially composted woodchip) to provide aeration.

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  • So easy to use and well built

    Posted by Dee on 25th Aug 2021

    I regret not having gotten the bigger one for a family of 3. It was really easy to get started and had high temps in no time. I didn’t have it level initially so a lot of leachate was pouring out the front rather than going to the fertiliser tank. That tank should be emptied regularly to stop it overflowing the same way. Hopefully Mr Middleton will stock the new plinth for these too for easy access to the tank! The spout is quite low as other reviews stated. I’ve had about a month of high temps and can already see it’s turned to good mulch. Haven’t had to use my brown bin since getting it.


    Posted by Arthur on 20th Jul 2021

    Once it got going , it now works a treat. The Manual/instructions confusing as it is all on one double sided poster size paper. It could be improved if printed in the order of what needs to be done,on separate pages per what's required/recommended

  • Hot in mini Composter

    Posted by Gilly Wenlock on 16th Apr 2021

    We brought this in October 2020, and find it efficient for composting our waste from the kitchen and the garden. We are using the fertiliser liquid produced. Temperature does vary occasionally and you need to ensure you follow the accompanying instructions, but it’s been working well despite the last couple weeks of nighttime frosts. Biggest bonus is no flies, small and neat product which we raised on blocks to make obtaining the liquid easier. Would recommend this for anyone with a small garden and for kitchen waste. As we eat organic and grow some of our own veg it’s great to also produce our own organic fertiliser.

  • Hotbin

    Posted by Bernard Doheny on 26th Nov 2020

    Great product. Best compost bin I've ever had.

  • Hotbin Composter

    Posted by Peadar Farrell on 5th Oct 2020

    I dumped our brown bin and now use the Hotbin for all waste cooked food. Works really well, great liquid fertiliser off it every day. The heat drops occasionally so I fill the plastic bottle with hot water and up goes the temperate again, a joy to use.

  • Mini Hotbin

    Posted by Maura Murtagh on 17th Jun 2020

    Super product; builds up to steaming heat v quickly if mix of ingredients right. No flies or smell despite putting in meat/fish leftovers in summer. Definitely best suited to gardeners who already will have mix of extra green/brown matter to hand. Very satisfying to know that I am recycling own waste that can then be use as a quality compost in garden + already have regular small amounts of liquid feed to hand (6 weeks of active use so far).

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