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Carnivorous Mix Compost 5L

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Why order SYBASoil Carnivorous mix? - Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!- Improved root development- Organic nutrients & boo…

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Carnivorous Mix Compost 5L

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Why order SYBASoil Carnivorous mix?

- Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!
- Improved root development
- Organic nutrients & booming microbial life
- The soil your plant deserves


How to use the Carnivorous Soil Mix

Using the mix is easy!  start with removing as much of the old soil as possible. Gently squeeze the pot while holding it sideways to loosen up the plant. Run the roots under lukewarm tap water to remove the last pieces and bits. 

Also, remove any dead foliage that may still be on the plant using scissors. Now your plant is ready for its fresh Carnivorous soil. Add a small layer of Carnivorous mix at the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant in the pot, and slowly add Carnivorous soil to the sides to fill it up. Make sure that the point where the roots meet the plant is just buried under the Carnivorous soil. 

Lightly pat the Carnivorous mix down into the pot. Make sure to water the Carnivorous mix thoroughly after repotting, as this helps settle the mix and roots down.

Why the Carnivorous mix works. 

Because of the added vermiculite and sphagnum moss this mix will stay moist for a long time, which gives you more time in between watering your beloved meat-eaters. The added sand helps with weighing the plant down. Carnivorous plants usually don’t have a very large root system, which makes them susceptible to being uprooted. 

Ingredients of SYBASoil Carnivorous mix:

  • Coco coir
  • Activated carbon
  • Vermiculite
  • Horticultural sand
  • Sphagnum moss

The original habitat of the Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants' habitats are varied, but almost always involve low-nutrient soil that is very wet. Common locations include bogs, waterbodies, rocky sites & swamps. They get almost zero nutrients from their soil, so that’s why this mix contains no fertilisers. 

How to care for Carnivorous plants. 

Carnivorous plants prefer full sun, place them in a sunny spot in your house. The carnivorous mix should stay continuously wet. A great tip is to place the pot in a bowl or saucer full of water, so the plant can suck up water as required. It is not required to feed insects to your plants, but it can help growth. 

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